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8 oz. Flint Glass Swing Top Bottles - 25% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!glass swingtop

Our 8 oz (240 ml) Clear Flint Glass Swing Top Bottles, are ideal for containing virtually any solid or liquid. And are great for sauces and syrups. Self sealing. The time tested swing top seals are a strong and heavy duty rubber seal. The bottle is made of clear flint glass.

Don't wait too long to take advantage of this deal. Once they are gone, they are gone.


30 ml Amber PET Tamper Evident Boston Round Bottle (13-415) - 25% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! amber boston round

Our 30 ml (1.2 oz.) Amber PET Tamper Evident Boston Round Bottle, with a 13-415 neck, are great containers for almost any liquids or solids in smaller amounts. Great for specialty hobbies, chemical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical applications.

** Caps and Droppers are sold separately. Select a cap and dropper style below to bundle with this bottle, or purchase caps and droppers separately on the left.


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