53-400 White Ribbed Caps .020 polysty / FS 5-8 Liner


The 53-400 White, Ribbed, Polypropylene (PP) Cap comes with a .020 polysty / FS 5-8 HIS Liner. HIS Liners are for when you need to have a tamper evident seal to your bottle. The installation of this liner requires a special piece of equipment, which allows a foil liner to be tightly sealed to the top of the container. You will see this often used in the food pharmaceutical industries. This product is recyclable.

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To activate the HIS (Heat Induction Seal) Liner, you must use a heat induction sealer machine.

.020 polysty / FS 5-8 HIS Liner - .020 polysty / FS 5-8 HEAT SEAL, Heat Induction Seal (HIS) Liner, is a paper-backed aluminum foil coated with a clear heat sealable coating. It can be permanent laminated to polystyrene foam or wax bonded to a pulp backing. Great for dry products, fruit juices, milk, glass cleaner, peroxide, and spices. It will seal to most containers. Not recommended for products containing oil. Weld bond seal to PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC and treated glass.

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53-400 White Ribbed Caps w/.020 polysty / FS 5-8 Heat Seal Liner

Each: 53-400 White Ribbed Caps w/.020 polysty / FS 5-8 Heat Seal Liner

53-400 White Ribbed Caps w/.020 polysty / FS 5-8 Heat Seal Liner

Case: 53-400 White Ribbed Caps w/.020 polysty / FS 5-8 Heat Seal Liner - Qty (2,000/Case)

10% Case Discount

More Information
Neck 53-400
Color White
Material PP
Liner HIS
Type Ribbed
Diameter 2.14"
Height 0.43"
Case Dimensions 24" x 16" x 15"
Case Pack 2000
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Polypropylene (PP)Polypropylene (PP)
Polypropylene bottles are a contact clear, so even though the bottle appears to be cloudy, when the bottle is filled your product is easily seen. We carry several spice bottles in PP for the clarity. Another benefit of Polypropylene bottles is that they are able to withstand high temperatures, up near 240° F), making bottles and containers made from PP ideal for hot-filling. We stock polypropylene bottles for sauces and other items that may need to be hot-filled. Polypropylene is less suitable for freezing temperatures where it can become brittle; however there are additives that can be added to polypropylene to make it able to withstand freezing temperatures and we stock a wide range of freezer grade polypropylene tubs. Read: Choosing the Right Plastic Container for Your Product

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